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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 already?

We're back from snowy NC.  It was a great trip and we didn't want to come home!  I'm amazed that 12 people in one house for one week got along so well.  As someone who needs a lot of quiet, alone time I was a little anxious about how things would work out.  We laughed a lot, ate too much and drank too much but not once did I feel the need to lock myself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet - how luck am I to have such great friends?

I'm not one for resolutions, are you?  I have made some decisions, tho.

  • Like everyone else I need to take off some weight - I'd be happy with 10 pounds and will return to the Weight Watchers program that helped me take off 60 pounds before.  
  • I MUST de-clutter!  Not just my house but my mind, too.  Going to start in my craft room today.  Over the holidays it became the 'catch all' space for everything that nobody knew what to do with. 
  •  Figure out this whole blogging thing and post at least one project a week.  I'd love for it to be a completed project but know that might not be a realistic goal :)
Wishing you a very happy, successful and healthy 2011!

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