My Paperchase Adventures

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Sisters

My sister, Peg, has been bitten by the crafter bug.  She started with emboss resist on frames and can't stop!  I love it! :)

We're going to participate in our first craft fair this Saturday - a little scary and quite exciting!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My baby's turning 26

I'm having a moment and can't quite believe my baby's turning 26 tomorrow. Where did the time go?  We're celebrating his birthday tonight with a family dinner at his favorite restaurant.

I made a quick and easy card for him.  Though he says all the right thing to support his mom, he really doesn't know the difference between my cards and the ones you buy at the store....bless his lil heart!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Christmas Cards`

I truly can't believe we're already into October and I'm feeling a little unsettled because I haven't got a clue what I want to do for cards this year.

I've notice a lot of other bloggers either have their cards done or designed already and, thankfully, their posts have given me a bit of inspiration.  I dabbled today and I think I came up with something!  I needed a design that would be fairly easy to do in batches.

Simple, easy and a great way to use bits of leftovers.  The heart on this one is flat and will be perfect for mailing but I think I'll have to pop up the heart on a few just for fun.

Stepping out on a limb and linked to: Joyful Stamper: Inspire me Friday

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My hand

Ok, I'll call myself out ~ I'm not a good blogger.  I'd rather read everyone else's blog than put myself out there.  I follow a ridiculous amount of blogs and spend hours every day looking at amazing art created by amazing people....and pinning on Pinterest.  I've done a little creating and taken a few pictures but what I've done doesn't quite measure up - says the bad, little voice in my head.

That being said, one of my recent obsessions has been with doodles and zentangles.  I like the freedom, I like the black/white, I like the fact that there really aren't any rules.  I decided to try my hand at it....really my hand.
Not too bad for a first attempt, if I must say so myself :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quick and easy

Gotta love a quick and easy project!
The bee image came from The Graphics Fairy.  If you're not already a follower or regular visitor, you NEED to check out her amazing collection of images!  I printed on a vintage book page from my stash and used a Tim Holtz stamp for saying.

The frame was on clearance at Walmart for .25 and I'm kicking myself for not buying more than 4!  The mat was white, I Glimmer Misted and stamped the border.

I love the way this turned out and am sure I'll do a few more!

UPDATED to add that I've linked this project up with:
Graphics Fairy Brag Monday and Sunday Stampers Wing challenge.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gothic Arch part 5

Paint scraping technique. 

Another technique I like and will do again.  I'm not happy with the gold paper flowers - they gotta go but I'm not sure what to replace them with yet.

The image is a freebie from Dover clip art in one of their weekly emails.  I used foreign language book pages for the background.

Still thinking about how to bind the pages and am leaning towards mounting them on a heavier chipboard about 1/4" larger and painted dark chocolate brown.  I'll probably just use rings to hold it all together but haven't fully decided yet.

I've got #6 almost done - have changed my mind on it about a dozen know how that goes!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gothic Arch part 4

Arch 4 is color blocking and stamping.  Really like this technique, too!

I have a personal problem ripping books apart so to ease my pain I've started buying books in foreign language.  The pages in the background are Swedish, I think.

I used distress inks for the color blocks-they came out lighter than I expected-not sure but I think it's the gesso.  Used watercolor paint for the bird breast and inside of the heart.  Had to use Stickles on the crowns!  The butterfly is a rub-on and the stars are confetti.

Moving right along to number 5!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gothic Arch part 3

UPDATE-I'm going to put myself out on a limb and link this one to a Gothic Arches challenge.  Click HERE to see the others!

Arch 3 uses the layered collage technique and this was a tough one for me.  I'd never tried this before and spent a little too much time picking out the layers then stressed over the ripping and gouging.  I really like how it turned out, though, and will do layering again.

I'm not sure that it's done, I feel that something's missing...
Roni's left the binding options open so I'm not sure how I'm going to pull everything together when we're done.  I think I'll wait until the series is done before making the decision.  Once I know how I'm going to bind them, I'll probably add more to each one.

#4 is started - having a blast!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gothic Arch project, parts 1 & 2

Roni at Inkstains is such an amazing wealth of information and talent! I found her when I purchased her book on altered art.

She's doing a series of technique tutorials in a 10 page gothic arch shaped book.  Check out her blog for details and to join in.

Real life got in the way so I'm a little behind but am moving right along.

Arch #1 is a segmented collage...

Arch #2 is inchies...
One of the great things about Roni is that she encourages you to use what you already have-no need to go out and try to find products that nobody local carries-and she encourages you to do your own thing to make the project your own.

I've got #3 to work on it :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank you card

Just finished a special thank you card for my sister...Peg, if you're checking in-click off until you get this in the mail :P

Sister, Peg, and her husband, Ralph, were my wonderful hosts for a visit to their home in the freezing state of NH.  Peg and I grew up there but it's been many, many years since I've been back.  Now that I've been in FL for over 30 years, I can't handle the breath-taking cold of the north and don't understand why/how people live up there.  Bless all of you that do!

I was lovin this card until I decided to go overboard and add the sunshine - now I think it looks like an elementary piece. Oh well - learn and move on :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Arden's Mini

I needed to work in bright, happy colors so I decided to do a girly mini for a friend's baby girl.

I tried some new products and techniques and am fairly happy with the end result.  I learn by doing and from my mistakes so I have to embrace them and push my type A personality aside sometimes :)

It was hard not to grunge and be messy but Arden's mom isn't the grunge type so I had to pull myself back.

I have loads of ideas floating around in my head but have to do 2 more quickie cards first....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Altered spiral notebook

I can't live without my spiral notebook at work.  It's with me at all times and I usually start a new one every three months.  Why, I ask, should it be plain and boring??  It shouldn't!
The girl image is colored with colored pencils and was a free download from e-crafting. If you're not a subscriber, you're missing out!  Wings are from Tim Holtz and stamped on newspaper.  I used some Prima flowers and a Sizzix die cut from an old dictionary.  Added some bling, Stickles, an old heart shaped doily and lots of Glimmer Mist.  The background paper is from My Mind's Eye.

I used Mod Podge as my adhesive and am, again, disappointed.  I want to love it but have bumpy, wrinkled results every time.

Overall, I think it came out pretty nice.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 calendar

I had fun with this one and am so happy with how it turned out.  I purchased the 4x4 coasters a while ago from Michael's with intention of making a mini think it was perfect for the calendar. I used bits and pieces and odds and ends from my stash.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My scrappy daughter

Daughter, Sarah, came for a visit and spent some time in my scrap room.  While she was busy making note pad holders we were busy playing with the kids - everybody wins!

I made a few of these as gifties for Christmas but never got around to making one for Sarah or myself - isn't that always the way?  Sarah fell in love with them.  She ended up making 8 as gifts for her fellow teachers and was able to make one for herself, YAY!

The instructions for these are all over the internet.  They're fast, very inexpensive and fun to make with whatever you have in your leftover bins.  Had to purchase the acrylic frames ($1.00 at Walmart and the post-it notes) but still an inexpensive, cute and functional project.

Here's a few of what she made

My apologies for the glare - my picture taking skills are a bit lacking.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you cards are done.

Well - they're created, stamped, glued and glittered anyway.  Now to sit and write them; sometimes that's the hardest part.  I feel like I have to do them all at once so I can keep track of who's done and who isn't (I suppose a list would come in handy for that but that would be yet another thing to do!).

I got the basic design idea from someone on the Hero Art's design team (I can't remember who-ugh) and am happy with how they came out. I started with 8 and ended up making another 12 to have some extras.

Have been working on a 4" coaster calendar all day - I love paid holidays!  Off to finish - would like to get it done today.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 already?

We're back from snowy NC.  It was a great trip and we didn't want to come home!  I'm amazed that 12 people in one house for one week got along so well.  As someone who needs a lot of quiet, alone time I was a little anxious about how things would work out.  We laughed a lot, ate too much and drank too much but not once did I feel the need to lock myself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet - how luck am I to have such great friends?

I'm not one for resolutions, are you?  I have made some decisions, tho.

  • Like everyone else I need to take off some weight - I'd be happy with 10 pounds and will return to the Weight Watchers program that helped me take off 60 pounds before.  
  • I MUST de-clutter!  Not just my house but my mind, too.  Going to start in my craft room today.  Over the holidays it became the 'catch all' space for everything that nobody knew what to do with. 
  •  Figure out this whole blogging thing and post at least one project a week.  I'd love for it to be a completed project but know that might not be a realistic goal :)
Wishing you a very happy, successful and healthy 2011!