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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My scrappy daughter

Daughter, Sarah, came for a visit and spent some time in my scrap room.  While she was busy making note pad holders we were busy playing with the kids - everybody wins!

I made a few of these as gifties for Christmas but never got around to making one for Sarah or myself - isn't that always the way?  Sarah fell in love with them.  She ended up making 8 as gifts for her fellow teachers and was able to make one for herself, YAY!

The instructions for these are all over the internet.  They're fast, very inexpensive and fun to make with whatever you have in your leftover bins.  Had to purchase the acrylic frames ($1.00 at Walmart and the post-it notes) but still an inexpensive, cute and functional project.

Here's a few of what she made

My apologies for the glare - my picture taking skills are a bit lacking.

Happy Tuesday!

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