My Paperchase Adventures

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you cards are done.

Well - they're created, stamped, glued and glittered anyway.  Now to sit and write them; sometimes that's the hardest part.  I feel like I have to do them all at once so I can keep track of who's done and who isn't (I suppose a list would come in handy for that but that would be yet another thing to do!).

I got the basic design idea from someone on the Hero Art's design team (I can't remember who-ugh) and am happy with how they came out. I started with 8 and ended up making another 12 to have some extras.

Have been working on a 4" coaster calendar all day - I love paid holidays!  Off to finish - would like to get it done today.


  1. Cute Thank you cards! Thank you for stopping by my blog on the"I Have A Dream" Blog Hop.
    I will be sending you an email because
    YOU ARE THE WINNER!!! for my blog candy...Karelj will be doing the drawing for
    the GRAND PRIZE...should hear from her later.

  2. Correction, Karelj will be doing the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE and will be announcing the winner later.

  3. Woo! Thanks Stephanie! I can't wait til I'm big enough to do blog candy and hops!